Yamaha RX-V775WA 7.2 Channel Network AV Receiver with AirPlay and WiFi Adapter

Yamaha RX-V775WA 7.2 Channel Network AV Receiver with AirPlay and WiFi AdapterRX-V775WA is the latest 7.2 channel AV receiver from the house of Yamaha.
Yamaha has been manufacturing superior quality of receivers for decades. It has both the experience and expertise to create amazing home entertainment systems. This time around they live up to the expectations again. The Yamaha RX-V775WA boasts some amazing features and slick design. It will make your entertainment cabinet look stunning while it gives you the highest audio video quality.

What is the physical feature of this receiver?

Yamaha has always believed in making smart looking products that will add to the beauty of your home. An ideal system should have great entertainment value and fit perfectly in your home. Here are some of the physical features of this AV receiver.

•  The RX-V775WA is 6.75″ length, 14.5″depth and 17.13″width
•  It has a beautiful and chic black exterior
•  The top half of the front panel is shiny while the bottom half has a matt finish
•  There are two large knobs on the bottom half of the front panel
•  The large knobs are used to control volume and input selection
•  The bottom panel in the front has other sense controls as well
•  The same panel has many hard controls for various input devises
•  At the back there are many connection options that are clearly labeled
•  There are nine binding posts for the channel speakers
•  Two pre out subwoofers
•  Additional pair of presence speakers
•  With a few other triggers and jacks it also comes with an input and output remote.

Technical features of the RX-V775WA?

Due to a lot of competition and to satisfy a huge customer base every company is striving to make the best product. Yamaha RX-V775WA has some highly advanced technical features that make it a leading AV receiver. Here is a look at some of those features.

High audio compatibility – the audio Codec and Format support that is present in this receiver makes it a highly compatible system with many audio formats. Some of the formats that this system supports are DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby True HD, FLAC, WAV etc. This receiver will give you excellent High definition sound from your Blu-Ray Disc player as well.
Total purity concept of Yamaha – Yamaha products are popular for the Total Purity concept that it has developed over years of experience. There are four different technological aspects that combine together to give you a crystal clear and pure sound every time. These four aspects are high purity pre-amplification, independent power supplies, anti-vibration technology and high drive amp technology. Every model that comes from Yamaha has these stunning features to give the absolute best.

4K Pass Through – this is a technology that gives you high definition image quality.  Even if the master image has lower resolution the receiver will transform it into a HD image. This feature will give you a completely new and amazing viewing experience.

Air Play – Air Play is a feature that allows you to conduct wireless music streaming. Yamaha RX-V775WA will effortlessly steam music from your iPhine, iPod, iPad, PC, mobile and computer.

Onscreen display – the onscreen display of the AV receiver will enable you to see all the details of the tunes and songs that you choose to play. Metadata like the artist’s name, album name and song title will be displayed on this screen.

Connect to Spotify – with the help of spotify listen to as many songs as you want via your smartphone. This feature will transform your smartphone into a controlling device of the receiver. You will be able to directly stream songs or listen to the one that you have stored in your phone. And you could all this while chatting over the same smartphone!

Yamaha RX-V775WA rear

The advantages of buying this receiver?

Yamaha has made a wonderful AV receiver that has some of the best technologies available in the market at this moment. Some of the features are even next-generation in their design and concept. The features that you have already read about are just a few of many. Amazing sound quality, exceptional video quality and great networking features makes it the best.
Along with all the technical features it is also a great looking machine. It will definitely add to the décor of your living room and be a cause of envy.

What are the disadvantages of buying this product?

There has been no problem or disadvantage noted about the product. One word of caution though is to be careful while taking out the receiver from its box because the left side is heavier than the right.

Why is the RX-V775WA better than its competitors?

A few reasons why the Yamaha RX-V775WA is better than its competitors are;

•  The Yamaha brand name that is attached with this product
•  3D technology
•  Exceptional music enhancer
•  7.1 channel sound system
•  Dynamic zone control
•  Little standby power consumption
•  Complete amp configuration
•  HD 1080p video enhancement facility
•  Great surround sound system
•  Reflected sound optimization
•  Yamaha total purity concept
•  Affordable price


It is a dream home entertainment system for people who love their music and movies. According to the customers Yamaha RX-V775WA is an excellent receiver with rich features at a great price, now that’s a perfect review.

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