Yamaha RX-V675 7.2 Channel Network 3D AV Receiver with Airplay (Black)

Yamaha RX-675 AV ReceiverProduct description

When looking for an AV receiver for your home, have Yamaha in mind. The Yamaha RX-V675. This is one of the finest receivers by them . It is a 7.2 channel network with AirPlay. For me one of the best features of this product is the MHL because I have all my music in my mobile. This AV receiver has a compact and sleek design and great technical features. If you are looking to buy an AV receiver then I suggest you go for this.
Product overview
It is a great looking receiver that will add to the décor of your entertainment section .This AV receiver has excellent surround sound system   It has high definition resolution and Dolby digital plus   The receiver has great compatibility with a lot of gadgets   You will get a preset remote unit with the receiver   All the channels will have Burr-Brown 192 kHz / 24-bit DAC   AirPlay will help you to steam all your music wirelessly   Great video quality with 4K HD Pass through.
This is just an overview of Yamaha RX-V675. I assure you that the receiver is loaded with features that will enthrall you.
Reviews of the product
When I went through the customer reviews in Amazon I was highly encouraged to buy the receiver. In fact I was searching for a negative review which was hard to find! Some of the customer reviews were, “phenomenal receiver” and “finally I can hear the voices in the movies”. I agree with both.
From the beginning I knew that I wanted to get a Yamaha receiver because of their exclusive Total Purity Concept. This feature will give you the best audio quality. Before buying it I did a little research on the Total Purity Concept. It is a combination of anti vibration technology, independent power supply, high-drive amp technology and pre amplification. A combination of all this will give the finest audio quality.
Apart from this the Yamaha RX-V675  AV receiver has powerful surround sound system with 7.2 channels.
The receiver has 4K pass through that gives me exceptional high definition video images.
Since I have all my music on my android phone I love the AirPlay advantage that I get at this receiver. I can stream wireless music from my iPad and iPhone.
There is absolutely none that I faced so far.
Where to buy it from?
I suggest that you buy it from Amazon because they provide a good discount on the list price. You will get the receiver shipped to you for free in a matter of days.


Ever since I have been using Yamaha RX-V675 AV receiver I have fallen in love with it. Being a music lover I recommend it to everyone who doesn’t want to compromise when it comes to music. (JS)

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