Yamaha RX-V577 Network AV Receiver Review

Yamaha RX-V577 7.2-channel Wi-Fi Network AV ReceiverIf you want to get a top quality AV receiver, there is nothing better than Yamaha RX-V577. The fully featured RX-V577 is the latest enhancement in Yamaha receivers. Yamaha has always impressed customers with superb quality and best features. The previous Yamaha AV receivers are very popular in the market because of their awesome performance. RX-V577 is the new and improved AV receiver that fulfills all your needs. This AV receiver is one of the most powerful receivers in the market today. People who have used it are completely satisfied with its performance.

Key features

Yamaha RX-V577 has some of the most advanced features in the market today. Here, are some of them:

  • 7 channel surround sound
  • 115 W per channel
  • 6 in and 1 out HDMI with 4K resolution
  • HTC connect for high-resolution music streaming with compatible smart phones
  • AirPlay, Spotify music streaming service, Pandora and AV controller App
  • Virtual CINEMA FRONT for surround sound with five speakers
  • Two subwoofer outputs with simultaneous output

These are the main features that you get with RX-V577. These features are much improved in this version, and provide extra amount of richness in the audio and video reception.

4K Ultra HD support

There are not many AV receivers in the market that support 4K resolution. If there are some, they are not as potent as Yamaha RX-V577. The feature of this receiver is the pass-through ability for ultra HD images. This is one of the most popular features of RX-V577. Another feature is that you can get the same quality output from HDMI using different sources. It enhances the source file and makes necessary changes to enhance the clarity and detail.

Easy Wi-Fi setup

There are many AV receivers in the market that have inbuilt Wi-Fi functions for wireless communication, but the problem is that they are extremely hard to setup. However, Yamaha RX-V577 is completely opposite to those receivers. This is one the few AV receivers with Wi-Fi connectivity that have easy set up. The connection can be simply made with your home wireless router. If you do not have a Wi-Fi router, you can still use the unique Wireless Direct function of RX-V577 that allows you to play music directly from your tablet, smart phone or any other computer device having Wi-Fi.

Yamaha RX-V577 7.2-channel Wi-Fi Network AV Receiver

Spotify Connect

One of the advanced features of Yamaha RX-V577is Spotify connect. All you need is a simple app on your mobile phone. This app is Spotify. Once you have this, you gain access to millions of songs instantly. With Yamaha RX-V577, you can stream all your favorite songs from Spotify directly from your phone. You can also personalize the playlist, and enjoy uninterrupted music playback that lasts for hours.


The Yamaha RX-V577 networking is probably the easiest and fastest than any other receivers in the market. The AV receiver has lots of networking functions that helps you access more sources of audio streaming and enhance the operation as well. With networking, you can connect it with any PC for enjoying internet radio. There are other features such as Pandora, HTC connect and Spotify that enable you to connect directly with the receiver from your smart phone or tablet.

Digital USB connections

The front panel of Yamaha RX-V577 offers convenient USB connections to an iPhone or iPad. The USB ports are smarter than before. They help in charging the iPod and iPhone as well. The signal is digital, which means there is no interference with the connection. This gives you an uninterrupted listening experience, and also enhances the sound quality. You can also use the remote for controlling iPod/iPhone playback as well.

Advance HDMI

Another good feature of Yamaha RX-V577 is the integration of advance HDMI with CEC functionality. This helps you to connect with any CEC enabled TV to gain direct access of it. You can simply use receiver’s remote to control the functions of the TV as well. This is helpful because you do not need two different remotes to control the functions individually. HDMI also supports 3D receiving. This means that the receiver is capable of handling 3D signals. Audio Return Channel is also a feature of Yamaha RX-V577 HDMI. It means that you can send and receive through single HDMI only. Therefore, you do not need an extra HDMI for individual tasks.


Another noteworthy feature of Yamaha RX-V577 is the Virtual CINEMA FRONT, which enables you to get 5-channel surround sound with higher resolution and better quality. You just need to install surround speakers at the front. In addition to this, you can arrange your speakers more freely without losing any sound. This is great for people who want to customize the home theater according to their needs. You get a better sound quality with flexible approach.

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