Yamaha RX-S600 Home Theater Receiver Review

Yamaha RX-S600 Home TheaterFor many years, home theater receivers were big products that took up valuable space, and that still remains the same today with the majority of makes and models out there. However, the Yamaha RX-S600 is a home theater receiver that most definitely breaks the mold, due to the fact that it is slim, small, and sleek, fitting nicely into the AV rack and taking up minimal space. Keen to find out more? Then pay very close attention to the Yamaha RX-S600 review below…

Key features

Without a doubt, the key feature of the Yamaha RX-S600 is the design and availability of connections. Despite its size, this theater receiver still has many different inputs and connections, which means there is minimal chance of having connectivity problems. Also, the design of the product is second to none, as it is available in both black and titanium, meaning it will not look out of place in your home. As always, Yamaha have produced yet another quality home theater product, and this particular model is expected to sell to millions of homes all around the world.

Additional features

For an increased user experience, the fascia of the receiver has been divided into two sections. The first section includes a matrix LED panel which conveniently shows the selected input when not in use. The second section of the fascia is reserved for the USB, 3.5mm inputs for the minijack, and ports for a headphone and microphone. Needless to say, this pretty much is all the features you will ever need, making the Yamaha RX-S600 home theater receiver one of the best options out there on the market today.

Other features

There are a huge range of other features to take into consideration when you are deciding if this Yamaha receiver is the right model for you. For example, the are 4 scene keys that help to select the right DSP, all of the essential connections in the rear of the product such as HDMI, and a range of different outputs such as analogue stereo, subwoofer, composite video, and many more. Lastly you will be pleased to hear that the product has the option to include a WI-FI adapter and Bluetooth audio receiver, which is essential if you want to get the ultimate home theater experience.


Pros and cons

Not every product is perfect, and the Yamaha RX-S600 is no different, which means it has both pros and cons. Some of the pros for the product include the fact that it has a small and slim design that will fit perfectly into your home entertainment system, many different network features, and is produced from sturdy materials that are built to withstand the test of time and last you for a good few years. Some of the cons include the fact that the on screen menus are a bit basic and there are other makes and models out there that have better sound quality.

Product summary

All in all, the Yamaha RX-S600 is a stylish home theater receiver, that doesn’t take up much space, and has a range of different features that puts you firmly in control of your home entertainment experience. (J.S.)

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