Yamaha RX-A3030 Aventage 9.2 Channel 4K Receiver

Yamaha RX-A3030 9.2-Channel Network Aventage Audio Video ReceiverThe Yamaha RX-A3030 AV Receiver is for anyone that is looking for massive, powerful dynamics. This receiver is going to fill up your home theater with perfect sound. As always, Yamaha delivers with this particular receiver. The Yamaha RX-A3030 is packed with the latest streaming and tech features. The 9.2 channel amplifier is the perfect addition for any home theater or cinema system.


The Yamaha RX-A3030 AV Receiver has been designed to provide the highest audio performance levels. It offers a Cinema DSP HD3 that expands the sound field vertically to provide a more realistic and thrilling surround sound. The DACs are ultra-high performing to provide superior sound quality. The aluminum front panel offers aural, and visual benefits and the anti-resonance technology wedge is designed to help ensure that any vibrations that occur do not affect the quality of sound. The H-shape cross frame and the rigid bottom construction make this an extremely sturdy device.


This line of receivers has been designed to provide the highest level of performance. It has been designed to deliver a full-bodied, massive sound for the sound effects of movies to create an accurate reproduction of the music sources. The Yamaha RX-A3030 AV Receiver expertly harmonizes the traditional and the advanced technologies using every factor that would affect the sound quality from the parts and materials to the overall layout, construction, vibration, and fine-tuning of the sound, are handled with the only thought being to achieve the best audio quality possible.yamaha rx-a3030-av-receiver-review

A.R.T. Wedge

The A.R.T. (anti-resonance technology wedge) is located in the center of the device and acts as a 5th foot. It will dampen the vibrations that are caused by the power transformer, heat sinks, and the power transistors as well as any vibrations that may have been caused by the sound coming from the speakers.

Aluminum Front Panel

The aluminum front panel provides a sleek and clean design that is quite elegant. The design overall offers both aural and visual benefits. It effectively shields the sensitive circuitry from both external noise and the electronic radiation that is generated Yamahaby the dimmer switches, video monitors, and fluorescent lighting. This will ensure optimum sonic performance for the largest range of installation areas.

Cross Member Frame

The receiver’s interior has been reinforced with cross members that form an H shape to provide a very rigid and extremely stable frame. This reduces the number of chassis vibrations to zero even when the volume output is at its highest levels. This sturdy H-frame helps maintain the highest of sound quality no matter what.

Power Amplifier Layout

One of the many design details of this great amplifier is the layout of the power amplifier. The interior has been planned precisely so that the left and the right channels are isolated both physically and electrically. This will maximize the channel separation, but will also improve the signal to noise ration to help achieve a wide and open state for sound.

Yamaha RX-A3030 REAR

High Quality Parts

Each part of the AV receiver will affect the quality of sound, and Yamaha knows this. For this model, there has been extra time taken to develop the specific parts that are needed to achieve the best possible performance. The sound technicians have when through a testing process to tune the sound of the receiver precisely. Each of the parts is made out of only the highest quality materials to ensure that they will last for a very long time into the future.

Pros and Cons

There are several benefits that this receiver offers, including:

•   A large sense of scaleYamaha
•   Surround effects are accurately placed
•   Expansive sound field
•   Great timing, agility, and timing
•   A sound that is muscular, powerful, full of energy and warmth
•   Upscales standard HD video to 4K
•   Wonderful selection of connectivity and streaming features
•   Solid build
•   Great control app

The only con that has been mentioned about this particular receiver is that some individuals may prefer a touch or more tonal neutrality as well as a tauter bass


If you are currently looking for a full-fledged receiver for your home theater and have some money to spend, the Yamaha RXA-3030 is the way to go. This is the receiver for those who want one of the best. It offers a discrete 2CH zone home theater with more advanced HDMI options and more than you could ever ask for or need.

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