Sony STRDN1050 Audio and Video Component Receivers Review

Sony STRDN1050 AV Receiver ReviewWhen choosing an AV receiver, you have no shortage of choices. A wide variety of manufacturers produce AV receivers nowadays, and for the most part, they all provide excellent products. Every once in awhile, a manufacturer will come out with a product that performs above and beyond what you pay for it. Sony’s STR-DN1050 7.2 channel receiver maybe that product this year.

Reasons to buy

Bluetooth and WiFi are ubiquitous features on AV receivers. In some cases, you’ll find that even entry-level receivers, like the Denon AVR-S500BT, are beginning to incorporate Bluetooth or WiFi. Bluetooth works as you would expect, once you have your device paired with the receiver, streaming music to it is simple. We also had no problem getting the Sony STR-DN1050 on our WiFi network. Being the 1050 is DLNA compatible, it was able to recognize our media server and pull music from it with 1050 av receiver

Once you get the 1050 on the internet, you’ll also notice that it supports a variety of internet streaming apps, including Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, and Music Unlimited. If you compare the number of streaming apps the 1050 has to Onkyo’s, then the Sony 1050 will come up a little short. Although, in truth, very few AV manufacturers offer the wide variety of internet streaming services that Onkyo does.

If you need even more ways to wirelessly stream music to your receiver (and who doesn’t), you’ll be pleased to hear that the Sony STR-DN1050 is also Airplay compatible, which makes it easy to play music from your iPod through the receiver at the press of a button.

Technical Aspects

Sony STRDN1050 is a grand AV receiver. Sony receivers have already gained much recognition for this particular model. Many people are using it and enjoying its fully flashed features. STRDN1050 is one going to enhance the market of Sony receivers as well. Here, are the technical aspects of this powerful AV receiver by Sony:

  • 6 HDMI input ports
  • 7.2 channels with 165 Watt per channel
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AirPlay
  • 192k/24 bit support for FLAC and WAV files
  • DSD file support
  • Powered second zone
  • Second zone HDMI output

sony 1050New features

On the surface, not much has changed between the design of this year’s STR-DN1050 and last year’s STR-DN1040. In fact, from the outside, they look nearly identical. The 1050’s hard edges are softened by two protruding knobs on the front, one for the volume and the other for the input selection. Thankfully, besides these two knobs, very little button clutter is visible on the front of the 1050. The few visible buttons are small and inconspicuous.

The remote for the Sony STR-DN1050 is probably one of the better remotes we’ve seen bundled with an AV receiver. Sony’s done an excellent job shedding many of the unneeded buttons that you’ll usually find on AV remotes. Other AV manufacturers are also following suit, although Sony’s remote design may be the best seen so far.

The only drawback to this design is that to select specific features or options; you’re now forced to go thru the on-screen menu. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing since the 1050 has probably one of the prettiest interfaces we’ve seen on an AV receiver. It would seem that sony’s learned in recent years that a good user interface needs to accompany good hardware. When booting up, you’re greeted by an attractive home screen that has large graphical icons labeled (watch, listen, custom preset, sound effects, and settings). Clicking on either one of these icons pulls up the various options for each of these sections.

If there’s one area where The Sony STR-DN1050 took a step back, it is with the HDMI inputs. Last year’s 1040 packed in a staggering 8 HDMI inputs. This year Sony decided to reduce that number to 6 for the 1050. Honestly, we were a little surprised last year that they included 8 HDMI inputs on the 1040. For most mid-sized home theaters, the 6 HDMI 2.0 inputs will probably be more than enough. Besides the HDMI inputs, it also includes three analog audio inputs, 1 USB, one ethernet, one digital coaxial, two digital optical, and 2 component inputs.  The 1050 also has 3 HDMI outputs (A, B, and Zone).

  Sony STRDN1050 Audio and Video Component Receivers Review

Other Features

Sony STRDN1050 may have improved features that are excitingly great, but there are other brainstorming features of this device as well.

The main features include high-resolution audio networking options, high-quality sound, DSD support for WAC and FLAC files, audio1050 streaming with high resolution tracks direct from the USB drive, and one-touch listening with Xperia, and other Android devices with NFC or Android AirPlay.

If you need even more ways to wirelessly stream music to your receiver (and who doesn’t), you’ll be pleased to hear that the Sony STR-DN1050 is also Airplay compatible, which makes it easy to play music from your iPod through the receiver at the press of a button.

One of the best features of the SRTDN1050 is that it can bring extra detail to the low-resolution videos by onboard 4K pass. That is a great way to watch low-quality videos with the best experience. The other feature is that you can enjoy the same listening and watching experience in different rooms of the house as well by using second-zone distribution. These features make the SRTD1050 an unbeatable AV receiver in the market.

Multi-Audio Player

MAP-S1 is one of the most powerful audio amplification that is available in the market today. Sony has integrated it into the receiver that has made it even more powerful. It has a 100W audio amplifier, a CD player integrated into a very sleek design, and a tuner. You just need to add a speaker to the receiver and enjoy the excellent listening experience. The other features of MAP-S1 are:

  • Plays high-resolution MP3 file
  • Supports different audio formats
  • Supports a wide range of input sources and connected devices
  • Noise reduction
  • No distortion in the audio
  • Upscale the compressed files for better quality
  • Stream over the entire home network with same quality everywhere

The Good: The Sony STR-DN1050 has just about everything you can ask for in a mid-range receiver: Bluetooth, WiFi, and, more importantly, excellent sound quality.

The Bad: Very little not to like about this receiver. The reduction of HDMI inputs from 8 to 6 is a minor issue. Some may find the new remote control too simplified. (It’s a good sign for any AV receiver when you have to nitpick about the remote control)


Sony STRDN1050 is a complete AV receiver that has everything that you need for your home. The price is also reasonable for this device. The Sony STR-DN1050 is a nearly perfect mid-range receiver. Great connectivity and excellent sound quality make it tough to beat.

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