Sony STRDN1050 Audio and Video Component Receivers Review

Sony STRDN1050 AV Receiver ReviewAV receivers are one of the most common electronic devices in the market today. They are getting very popular these days because there are many companies manufacturing them. Sony is one of the market leaders in electronic devices. Sony has already declared tough competition to other manufactures with their AV receivers. Sony AV receivers are known for their quality. They are durable and advanced than others. One of their latest products is the Sony STRDN1050. Sony AV receivers have made a tremendous growth in the market, and it is offering a huge variety to their consumers.

Reasons to buy

There are many reasons why you should go for Sony STRDN1050 AV receiver. The features of this AV receiver are very fascinating. They are alsosony 1050 av receiver review better than other receivers within the same price range available in the market. The design is also nice and elegant. It is compact and does not require much space. There are several improvements in the design and features as well. The wireless connectivity is also enhanced and that adds more stars to the overall rating.

Technical Aspects

Sony STRDN1050 is a grand AV receiver. Sony receivers have already gained much recognition for this particular model. Many people are using it, and enjoying its fully flashed features. STRDN1050 is one going to enhance the market of Sony receivers as well. Here, are the technical aspects of this powerful AV receiver by Sony:

  • 6 HDMI input ports
  • 7.2 channels with 165 Watt per channel
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AirPlay
  • 192k/24 bit support for FLAC and WAV files
  • DSD file support
  • Powered second zone
  • Second zone HDMI output

sony 1050New features

The last year’s Sony AV receiver was certainly good, but the new Sony STRDN1050, is superior to that. There are some significant changes in the new AV receivers that are worth noticing. The major change is in the user interface. The user interface is more enhanced now. It is fast, easy and better than any other AV receiver’s interface. It is very refreshing and new, which is one of the reasons that takes SonySTRDN1050 one-step ahead of the others.

Another pointing feature change is the design of the remote control. There has been a drastic change in the remote control design. Sony has completely redesigned the remote control, and made very simple to use.

The last and probably the best feature change that Sony has made to this receiver is the second-zone support. This is very extensive. Sony has extended the support to a very high level. On the other hand, other receivers have limited second-zone support. This makes you play anything regardless of what source you are using. You can use Bluetooth, AirPlay or second-zone HDMI output for enhanced AV support.

  Sony STRDN1050 Audio and Video Component Receivers Review

Other Features

Sony STRDN1050 may have improved features that are excitingly great, but there are other brainstorming features of this device as well.

The main features include high-resolution audio networking options, extremely high quality sound, DSD support for WAC and FLAC files, audio1050 streaming with high resolution tracks direct from the USB drive, and one-touch listening with Xperia, and other Android devices with NFC or Android AirPlay. If these are not enough for you, there are more as well.

One of the best features of the SRTDN1050 is that it can bring extra detail to the low-resolution videos by onboard 4K pass. This is a great way to watch low quality videos with the best experience. The other feature is that you can enjoy the same listening and watching experience in the other rooms of the house as well by using second-zone distribution. These features make the SRTD1050 an unbeatable AV receiver in the market.

Multi-Audio Player

MAP-S1 is one of the most powerful audio amplification that is available in the market today. Sony has integrated it in the receiver that has made it even more powerful. It has 100W audio amplifier, CD player integrated in a very sleek design, and a tuner. You just need to add a speaker to the receiver, and enjoy the great listening experience. The other features of MAP-S1 are:

  • Plays high resolution MP3 file
  • Supports different audio formats
  • Supports a wide range of input sources and connected devices
  • Noise reduction
  • No distortion in audio
  • Upscale the compressed files for better quality
  • Stream over the entire home network with same quality everywhere


Sony STRDN1050 is a complete AV receiver that has everything that you need for your home. The price is also reasonable for this device. If you want to get the best quality of audio and video, this receiver is the best. There is no other receiver yet in the market, that offers so many features. The device is very handy, compact and sleek as well. It makes it easier to handle and place in any part of the home.

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