Receive Best Results with the Onkyo TX-SR313 – Receiver Review

Onkyo TX-SR313 Front view

Now you can receive the best results with the Onkyo TX-SR313 thanks to its high fidelity and seamless integration. It’s now possible to make your home theater experience so much better, without having to spend too much cash.

For Use with TV’s and more

The Onkyo TX-SR313 does not come with many limitations as you’re able to use it with your shiny new television, along with your games consoles and of course, your 3D TV too. This means you now have a better chance of experiencing crisper clearer sounds, no matter what you watch or if you play.

Receive the Best Sound Available – Read the Manualonkyo tx sr313 av receiver review

As with just about any new gadget you buy, you will have to read the manual so you can receive the best sound available. Some people like to read from a paper manual, but that will involve you printing it off as it’s only stored on a CD that comes with the Onkyo receiver.

Outputs for Speakers

If you’re keen on making the most of this theater receiver, then you may be pleased to know that it comes with outputs for two sets of speakers. This potentially means you can enjoy great sound coming from all ‘round your room. Gone are the days when you rely on the television to blast out the sound, now you can enjoy it from just about any speaker in your living room.

One of the best ways for you to enjoy great sound is to work out where you want to put your speakers first. Make sure that all of your cables reach unless you have wireless speakers of course. Attach your speakers to the Onkyo TX and make sure the connections are in properly. Then you can power up your system, watch television or a movie and enjoy some high-quality sound.

onkyo receiver

MP3 and iPod Use

One great feature of the Onkyo TX is that it can handle your MP3 and iPod files quite easily. This is excellent news if you have some music or movies that you wish to play on your television. The set-up is quite easy, and the sound quality is remarkable too.

onkyo-ipodsetupUse your Flash Memory Drive

If you’ve become fed up with tinny sound from your computer speakers, you will be pleased to know that you can receive some great sounds through the Onkyo. With four HDMI outputs, this home theater system will allow you to hook up your flash memory drive so you can enjoy higher quality sounds that add that touch of magic to your viewing or listening experience.

Specifications of the TX-SR313

The Onkyo TX-SR313’s specifications are as follows:

  • Dimensions: 17.1 (Length) x 12.5 (Width) x 5.9 inches (Depth)
  • Weight: 16.8 pounds

Wide Range Amplifier Technology

The wide range of amplifier technology that comes with this product as standard will work to ensure you can enjoy better sound than ever before. It is wide range amplifier technologynow possible for you to integrate most of your AV systems into one, which helps to make life so much easier.

Save Money with Onkyo

We all want to do what we can to save cash, and one of the great things about this home theater product is that it is cheaper than many other similar systems. This means you can now enjoy an exceptional quality of sound without having to pay a higher price. Onkyo are well known for their specifically built high powered theater systems that give you precisely what you’re looking for.

Shiny Black Finish and Useful Controls

tx-sr313Let’s face it, we all want our home theater systems to look good, and I’m sure you’ll agree that the Onkyo TX-SR313 lives up to its expectations. The shiny black finish is not over the top, but it does exude style and is a pleasure to use. The easy to use dials and buttons make every day use a pleasure, and the smooth look can add that special touch to just about any room.

A lot of people seem to forget how important the remote control is. It’s essentially a tool that can make life so much easier, and it means we don’t have to get up out of our seats unless we need to. The remote comes with a wide selection of buttons which will enable you to choose between a range of different outputs. There are the usual channel and volume buttons, as well as the ability to let you choose between watching movies, playing games, and listening to music. All in all the remote control on this system is one that will allow you to use it with ease.

Discontinued by manufacturer

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