Pioneer SC-1523-K 9.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver

Pioneer SC–1523–K AV receiverSC-1523-K is a 9.2 channel AV receiver. It has all the latest features and modern technology imbibed together for ultimate home entertainment. This receiver is a product from the most trusted and recognized electronic brand Pioneer. The Pioneer SC-1523-K is a powerhouse of audio, video, and networking.

What are the features of SC-1523-K?

Here are some of the high-end features of this receiver that brings realism into your home entertainment. Multi-zone experience – SC-1523-K has the capacity to cover four different zones of content. With this AV receiver, you will be able to run a 5.1 home theater in the first zone, zone two and zone three will have stereo audio coverage and Zone 4 will have HD video. This feature covers the entire home entertainment facility.

•  iControlAV2013 Android/IOS – the iControlAV2013 Android/IOS application present in this AV receiver helps in controlling the multi-zone features.

•  Class D3 Amplifier – digital Class D3 Amplifier helps you to save energy and reduce power consumption. Pioneer SC-1523-K has the capacity to run multiple channels at the same time with equal output quality from all of them. This receiver will guarantee that you enjoy a vibrant resolution with the multi-channel audio system.

•  THX Select2 Plus Certified – enjoy a complete surround sound system in rooms with an area of 3000 cubic feet. Also, enjoy the stunning HD visuals from a distance of 12 feet or further. The 9.2 channels provide a 3D sound experience. This receiver also supports HD audio formats like DTS Neo:X surround, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD Master Audio.

•  Qdeo video processing technology – Qdeo video processing technology and 4K high definition resolution improves the video compatibility and brings in noise-free pictures, irrelevant of the source of the pictures.

•  Playback facility – music lovers will have the option of listening to their favorite audio pieces just like they originally are. SC-1523-K supports high-resolution digital files like Apple Lossless, AIFF, FLAC, and WAV. With the playback feature, you will be able to stream music from various sources like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and PC. Along with this, there is also a gapless playback feature that removes the sound gaps between tracks which you intend to play continuously. The gapless application is very effective in live recordings and classical music.

•  4K Pass-Through – this receiver will give you HD standards that are four times better than its competition. The 4K Pass-Through has 4,096 x 2,160 (24 Hz) pixels which brings you the best picture quality of this generation.

•  Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration – the Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration is an automated sound field adjustment system present in SC-1523-K. This feature has been developed with the cooperation of AIR studios and Pioneer. It adjusts and fine-tunes the sound of the room to be like a digital movie theater.

SC-1523-K is loaded with so many features that you will have to buy and use it to get to know all of them. These were just a few important and striking features of Pioneer SC-1523-K.

Pioneer SC-1523-K REAR

What are the advantages of buying this receiver?

All the amazing technical features and advancements make this AV receiver a real winner. Here is a look at some of the additional features that make it the best home entertainment system.

•  You will be able to stream wireless music from a lot of devices. For example, you could stream iTunes from iPhone, iPod, PC, Mac, iPad, etc. the AirPlay facility will also help you to share the music files to other rooms in your home.

•  32-bit audio DAC solution provides the highest quality of audio with no distortion. Now you could enjoy high-definition sound quality with just a touch of the button.

•  The amazing Spotify Connect feature will enable you to choose your music from one device and listen from another! You could select the songs and tunes from your mobile and hear them through the AV receiver. This feature will help you to control the music system from your mobile as well.

•  Not only audio but you could watch the video files from your mobile too. The Mobile High-Definition Link 2.0 present in this receiver will enable you to stream the videos from your mobile too while it gets charged.

What makes SC-1523-K better than its competitors?

Innumerable audio-visual features and next-generation technology combine to make Pioneer SC-1523-K. Along with all the technical advancements it also has the brand name Pioneer to establish it as a leading product and add to its value. In spite of being one of the leading home entertainment systems in the market, the Pioneer SC-1523-K is reasonably priced. All these qualities make it a better buy than its competitors.

What are the disadvantages of buying this AV receiver?

There is absolutely no disadvantage to buying this AV receiver.

What is the cost of SC-1523-K?

The list price of this product on Amazon is $1,699.99. But there are huge discounts available on SC-1523-K. If you are planning to buy a home theater then this is the best that you will get at such a realistic price.

What is the review of the product?

Customers who are using this receiver call it ‘nearly perfect’.Innumerable high-end features, amazing audio, video, and networking quality, and a chic design make it the perfect home entertainment system. Whether you are planning to replace your old receiver or buying your first home theater, Pioneer SC-1523-K it is.

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