Marantz SR7008 9.2 Channel Networking Receiver with Airplay

Marantz SR7008 9.2 Channel Networking Receiver with AirplayMarantz SR7008: Audio at Its Perfection! 

The time when people were dependent on the traditional television set is long gone. At present, they are turning towards home theaters which hold a promising future both in the quality of picture and of audio. The market offers you a vast variety, creating a situation where you are spoiled for choice. But, someone who cares for durability and superior quality would definitely go for Marantz SR7008.


Marantz SR7008 is a home theater that has been updated from SR7007 with feedback received from users. It maintains its previous features and appearance but has added 2 more amplification channels.  When combined with 11.2-channel pre-outs and DTS-Neo:X, you are allowed to install and run 11.2 setups with both height and width channels and 2 subwoofers.

What are the features which make it unique?

As mentioned earlier, this home theater is an updated version of its predecessor, SR7007. The receiver features a standardized layout with 2 knobs at the front; one to control volume and the other for the input. You can also see an off button nearby. The round-shaped display informs you of the channel being played and all the other information you require.  When you set the input to FM, there is a ring of blue light covering the area. This can be turned off if you wish to do so. At the rear end of the device, you would see a set of connections that include HDMI inputs and outputs.

It also contains a number of speaker terminals enabling you to set up the channels and acquire the sound quality you expect from a high-standard home theater. The remote control is designed in such a way that even an average user would not face any difficulty to operate it. Even with a number of buttons, the layout remains free from clutter. Made from black plastic with a brushed metal effect at the front and a silver trim, this device can be operated even with one hand. It is lightweight and also is instructed to learn. It implies that you can control other devices in your home using Marantz remote control.

What about the menus?

When it comes to menu and setup, Marantz SR7008 does not differentiate itself from its predecessor. It is hailed to be modern, simple and user-friendly in comparison to the menus of the others of that kind available in the market.
One just has to press the “setup” button to access the menu. Opt for the kind of audio,  video, input, network and everything else you want from here. It also includes Audyssey MultEQ XT32, an improvement upon its predecessor. This home theater also allows you to select your options at every juncture in addition to the setup assistant designed to automate the entire process. You are also enabled to adjust the surround sound parameters, tone, dialog, and levels of the subwoofer. The speaker menu allows you to be in control of every single aspect of sound.  And, the video and picture submenu helps you to regulate the brightness, contrast, TV format and everything related to it.

You may find that Marantz SR7008 is not packed with hundreds of features that may not be used by an average person. However, the device is being recognized as something designed for users who are keen on sound and picture quality. Press the network input selection button on the remote control; it would present you the network homepage. Go for the channel you love; from Internet radio to renowned TV channels, you are presented with a vast array of options to choose from. If you are someone who prefers the traditional FM channels, you can even enjoy the same. This home theater comes packed with an aerial and an FM tuner.

Marantz SR7008 is a DLNA certified home theater. You are not going to face any trouble to connect it with your home network and enjoy your favorite program. Enjoy music and photos in any of the popular formats. The theater also includes an option by which you can connect it with your iPod and listen to or view the photos or music stored in it. Finally, one can say with confidence; the time when Japanese companies gave importance to power has become a thing of the past. At present, performance is given priority in all the devices they launch in the market.

Marantz SR7008 rear view

What differentiates this theater from its competition?

The following are the benefits Marantz SR7008 has in store for its users.

•  Perfection in two-channel or multi-channel performance
•  Comprehensive connections
•  The excellence of quality in video processing
•  High-standard media support
•  Maximum flexibility in setup and configuration
•  Easy to use remote controller


No device made by man is free from defects. The same applies to this home theater. One of the minor difficulties you may experience is the absence of built-in WIFI. However, this is compensated by an Ethernet port which allows you to connect the device with your home network.

The design of the menu may appear average. But, this does not become a hindrance to your enjoyment. The brilliant layout is prepared in such a way that an average user is not denied the quality the equipment offers.


There is no doubt about the fact that the market offers you enough options from which you can choose the kind of device you want. But, locating something like Marantz SR7008 which combines quality and affordability is sure to be a daunting task.

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