Denon AVR X4100W A/V Receiver with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Dolby

Denon AVR-X4100W Front viewThe Denon AVR X4100W A/V Receiver with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Dolby is a smooth looking piece of equipment that will work well for you. This latest model has eight input and 3 HDMI outputs to ensure that you get the sound you’re looking for. Connect to a variety of gadgets, including next-generation 4K display screens.

Easy To Set Up

One of the great things about this Denon receiver is it’s easy to set up. There are no hugely complicated instructions to read, and you’re not left guessing. What’s more, is you are sure to find the on-screen display that comes with icons and large texts easy to read. This display will guide you through the process and ensure that you set up your speakers and the receiver correctly.

Use in Different Roomsdenon av receiver review

This great new receiver can make a massive difference to your enjoyment levels as you’ll have the ability to listen to your favorite tracks in different rooms. No longer do you have to stay in one place or else turn the music up really loud so you can hear it. Now you can set up your speakers in different rooms and listen to the tunes there. That means you can wander around your home while still enjoying your favorite tracks.

denon 4100 reviewiTunes, iPod, iPad and more

This Denon is a popular model for several reasons, and one of those reasons is that you can now enjoy playing music from different devices. Hook up your iPad, or iPod and enjoy listening to it through your speakers rather than your headphones.

But that’s not all, this boombox style receiver will also play internet radio too, which means you can listen to and enjoy your favorite tunes and radio shows more often. If that wasn’t enough, you can also listen to your Spotify tracks too, as well as Pandora, AirPlay, and SiriusXM. This means you no longer have to stick to listening to the same old tunes every day, and you can enjoy hearing any music you like through your theater system.

Your New Control Options

One of the unusual things about this Denon receiver is that it gives you some new control options. Now you no longer have to put up with using a regular remote control if you don’t want to. With the Denon Remote App, you can control your receiver through your tablet, Android phone, or the iOS. This means you can control the inputs and the sound settings too. But that’s not all, as long as you have a PC or a Mac on your home network, you can also use that as a remote desktop and control the receiver from there too.

Seven HDMI Outputs and Three HDMI Outputs

With an incredible 8 HDMI outputs, you can fully equip all of your speakers, no matter where they are in your home. What’s more is you can also 4100 remote controlconnect your games console, DVD player and your camcorder. This receiver can let you connect just about any portable device that comes with multimedia options. This means you have a lot more flexibility than some other receivers offer you, which allows more time for fun and it means there’s less time spent switching around wires and working out what goes where.

With 3 HDMI outputs, you will have the ability to convert analog video to HDMI, and this gives you a lot more options than perhaps some similar models do.

Denon Classy Black Finish

If you’re looking for a classy piece of equipment to buy for your home, you won’t go wrong with this receiver. This product looks good and will add that touch of style you’re looking for. The large LED screen is the right size, and you can see the icons and words that are displayed. The volume and source control dials complement the overall finish quite nicely, and the buttons that let you select a wide variety of options are smooth and easy to use.


Replaces Denon AVR-X4000

You may want to compare the features of the Denon AVR-X4100W with the previous model, which has now been discontinued by the manufacturer. There is a certain price difference too – which could benefit your budget. Check out the older model Denon-AVR-X4000 while stocks last.

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