Choosing the Best Speakers

Choosing the best speakers

Do you want the largest speakers to add to your home theatre? Will they match your room’s decor? Are you limited for space but don’t want to sacrifice the quality? These are clear questions you should ask yourself before even looking at speakers.

Selecting a set of speakers can be easy with the range available in high street stores, let alone online. Choosing the best speakers takes time and has several contributing factors, such as price, quality, appearance, and space. These speakers should fit your home but most importantly your needs

Budgets and Bars

In a world where smaller is better, and wireless simplicity is growing to ease the 9-5 struggle, sticking to a budget doesn’t necessarily mean losing out on quality. Soundbars are a mixture of quality and value, and some are wireless such as the VIZIO VSB207BT. At just under $100, the bar is not only BlueTooth equipped to switch between smart devices and your TV, but attractive to look at and can be wall-mounted. This kind of product is best suited when on a budget, are limited for space such as apartments or studios, or wanting to kickstart their home theatre one step at a time. With this in mind, the sky’s the limit if a more substantial budget is available because bars can be integrated into a more extensive set up in the future.

If budget isn’t an issue and you want to start with the centerpiece of any theatre system, then the SONOS Playbar is at the top end of the scale. This product focuses on the no wires, no-hassle approach, and connects via your wifi. Emphasis is put on expanding the system through this soundbar and is a piece of kit fit for dreams.

Is Bigger Better?

If neighbors, space, and more significant investment are what you crave, then bars are just a stepping stone in a home theatre. The hi-fi speakers of the past may be on the down but are still time tested and combined with modern tech, provide untouchable quality. A more significant set up makes planning of placement crucial for perfect surround sound, be it 5.1 or 7.1. As a rule of thumb, a form of symmetry with speaker placement makes the job much more straightforward and visually appealing.

Now for some examples of sets of speakers for a home with no neighbors. Introducing the entry home theatre system, the Frisby FS-6600BT comes with five speakers, a subwoofer, and a futuristic black or retro wood finish. 5.1 surround combined with USB input and BlueTooth connection is a large modern system with fantastic reviews.

For the mini-cinema with a large budget, the Klipsch Walnut Home Theater System is the definite end game of any consumer. Made for a dedicated home theatre, it comes with 2 Walnut floor standing speakers, a Walnut central speaker, a Maple subwoofer, and a 9.2 receiver. More speakers can often be better if surround sound is for you.

To summarize, the more you listen, the better the kit is needed. Casual listeners should settle for a basic set up under $100, while music listeners can settle for bookshelf speakers. Better quality without too much investment should buy a subwoofer for bass and a quality soundbar. For film fanatics, the placement of your surround system is vital. A proper speaker system should last a lifetime as a TV’s internal speakers are basic, so don’t forget to put a lot of thought into the final choice. A bit of research and knowledge can be the defining factor to a good or bad decision for lifelong speakers.


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