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What’s Important To Consider For the Best Home Theater Receiver?

When setting together a sound system for every room, whether it is for delivering a sizeable theater-like entertainment arrangement for your television or if it’s for merely listening to some good quality music, a best home theater receiver may be a crucial component.

Simply put, a home theater receiver is what wires and powers your system. It is like the muscles and brains of your encircle sound. The speakers are plugged into the receiver, and the receiver is plugged into the partition. If using a TV, the receiver will be plugged into the TV to receive the sound wave to be sent throughout the receiver to the speakers.


There is an extensive amount of stuff that the AV receiver can do for you. The home theater receiver sends power to the speakers, adjusts in the AM / FM radio station, lets you modify the sound output for your preferences, and lets you switch between video or audio components. Your entire audio or video experience is formed from the home theater av system.

Many receivers now come with the ability to sync up all the apparatus in your house, wired and wireless. Some permit you to wirelessly connect with your computer to send music to the stereo system through a Wi-Fi signal. If you need to incorporate all the possible systems in your home, this will be good for you.

Choosing the exact power wattage for the speakers that you currently own or about to purchase is essential. It would be best if you made sure that the receiver you select will have sufficient power to drive your system’s speakers. Moreover, it would help if you bought the right category of best home theater receiversurround sound receivers, whether the 5.1 or 7.1.

Check the number of inputs and outputs you are going to require. Wasting money on unnecessary amounts of outputs or inputs is not needed as you can find good quality receivers with a lesser number of connections. Ensure that you have enough though, it is great to be able to have everything plugged into the receiver and merely switch from your surround sound, your television, your music, and the Play Station at a touch of the switch.

Getting started:

So assembling a perfect home theater system may seem like a daunting task. It is important to remember that these things take time. Sure, you may be inclined to purchase every item you need in a single trip but shopping around and doing your due diligence is more important than setting up your theater tonight. You will want to ensure you have the essentials and build from there based on your interests.

  • HD-TV- The television will be your focal point of any home theater, so choosing the right one for your area is essential. The television’s size should be relative to your room and how far away the furthest person will be seated from the screen. Remember, this is an investment and not the place to skimp! For a room where the most distant seat is 16-20 feet from the screen, you want to have a television of 44-49 inches. If your room is more extensive and has extended room for guests, then you can move to the 60-69 range and above. Remember that with HD televisions, look for 1080p or the 4K ultra HD as these will give you the highest quality. Tip: If you can get a deal on the TV itself without smart capabilities, you can quickly hook up an Amazon Fire Stick or Roku player and have all the function you need on a steal of a deal. 
  • Sound– What you hear is equally essential to what you see when it comes to getting started with a home theater. Picking up something like a Logitech Z506 surround sound system is affordable and will give you enough power without your neighbors complaining. The sound is always better when you have it situated correctly around the room and is excellent for those horror movies with the killer lurking around the corner and for those weekends when the fellas are over to plan Call of Duty. Tip: Look into picking up a soundbar as these can add extra clarity and enhance the sound quality of your viewing or gaming experience. 
  • Components– Take stock of what you already have! Most folks will have a gaming system and DVD player already, so those are things you can check off the list. Although you might think your DVD player is fine, you will want to pick up a Blue Ray Player. The quality between a Blue Ray and a DVD compares a fine wine and a bottle of Five Buck Chuck. With the effort that movie studios put into special effects, the few dollars more per film will be worth every cent come time for your big movie night. Be sure you keep your DVD player for the kids or your old DVD collection, but the Blue Ray player is the one item you cannot do without. Tip: Your best component might also be a closing stand that allows you to have everything appropriately situated, able to be hidden when not in use, all while allowing you access to your equipment if necessary.

Following this essential checklist will give you everything you need to get started. Put a few dollars out of each paycheck away and buy each item as you can afford it, and you’ll be fully set up by winter. Remember, you can always get the next item when your budget allows but going out and buying too small a television or low-quality speakers will only set you back further and leave you longing for the experience you could have had.


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