AV Receiver Buying Guide

buyers_guideAV receivers are one of the most significant consumer electronics components characteristically found in a home theater system. The primary purpose of AV receivers is to magnify sound from a massive amount of possible audio sources in addition to route video signs to the users’ TV from different sources. The user may configure and program a unit to get inputs from devices such as VCRs; DVD players etc. and merely select for which source she or he needs to route to their TV and include the sound output.sirius-radio

This guide to choosing a receiver will get you the latest on some of the newer terms, expose some of the stipulations and rating numbers you will be looking at as you investigate, highlight some of the latest features and clarify what to look for and listen to when auditioning.

Stereo or Surround?

Two basic types of receivers exist A/V and Stereo. A/V (audio/video) receivers are planned to function as the center of a home theater. They construct on the stereo receiver idea by adding surround-sound capacity, digital video processing, digital audio processing and switching, mechanical speaker set up systems, and more usually, network video and audio support.

A stereo receiver is intended to control two speakers at a time, sometimes in several rooms. Nowadays stereo receivers will often feature Sirius satellite radio capability or XM and HD radio tuners, as well as traditional AM/FM tuners. They generally offer a phono input and a few sorts of iPod combinations available with the buy of an elective iPod dock. Subwoofer outputs can infrequently be established on stereo receivers, but are not familiar. Stereo receivers occasionally support digital audio or video inputs, supporting analog stereo instead.

Getting good sound

Nowadays AV receivers — yet the budget models — are crammed to the brim with all types of whistles and bells. With so many makes and models on the marketplace, you have to weed out the terrible units right off the bat. Or else, you just may go crazy trying to stay them all straight. To reform your short-list, you can start by appearing at some product qualifications to get a thought for what you want to expend your time auditioning. Specs, although, can be highly believed, as you will see.



This is where the majority of the trickery takes place. Producers know buyers are searching for large numbers, since more watts mean additional power and, consequently, better sound. So, they have figured out a way to attain the numbers that look fine to buyers by creating tests less demanding.


Serious AV Receivers with video and audio performance that makes your entire home concert to life. Make all of your home theater by choosing the receiver that meets your needs today, and tomorrow.

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